Moving is always stressful, and notifying government agencies of a move can add to the stress for non-US citizens.  Often, failure to notify the correct government agency that one has moved to a new address will lead to denial of an immigration application–in extreme cases, it can even lead to deportation.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security posted a very helpful chart  to assist non-citizens with properly notifying government agencies of address changes. The chart explains who should report a change of address, the time when such reports are due, how to report a change of address, and where to find the forms needed to make such notifications.  In addition to notifying the government agencies of your change of address, always be sure to notify your attorney–in fact, your immigration attorney should be first on your list of notifications, because your immigration attorney can help you notify the government correctly.  When you do notify the government of a change of address, be sure to keep copies of all forms and correspondence that you send–this documentation will be essential if the Government later claims that it never received your notice of your address change.